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 ADAS Service Center China(ASCC)Provide 24 hour service support for ADAS testing

The DigAuto Service Center provides comprehensive service and spare parts support for ADAS/ADS test solutions, maximizing the effective time for customers to conduct testing in China.

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DigAuto partnered with leading international test equipment companies 4activesystems and Genesys to provide a comprehensive support and service solution for all Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) related test equipment for the Chinese automotive industry. This partnership will ensure maximum uptime of test solutions, providing a comprehensive local spare parts warehouse, 24-hour service support, an online store for commonly spare parts and experienced technicians to assist.   

ADAS testing is a critical part of the vehicle development process and is typically performed on a shared test site. Any test interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances can cause project delays and increased costs. To address this issue and to help equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and engineering service providers maximize the uptime of ADAS/ADS test equipment, DigAuto and its partners 4activesystems and Genesys have established a service center in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, easily accessible by car and train and only a half hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport . In addition, the service center will maintain a 24-hour hotline service (7 days)and one-day shipping of available parts.

He Wei, general manager of DigAuto service center, said, "During testing, equipment can be damaged, with the consequence of project delays, and with this service center, we help our customers complete their work in a timely manner with a prompt service and support process to avoid cost increases due to testing delays."