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4activeSystems Target models
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4activeSystems is one of the world’s leading companies for active vehicle safety, focusing on innovative solutions and products to reduce road fatalities. The products cover test systems, targets and tools for ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) testing and evaluation.

The targets consist of dummies and tools in various designs, including pedestrian, car, bicyclist, motorbike, scooter, animals and assistant tools. These NCAP approved and ISO complied targets, together with belt-systems, robotic platforms and driving robots, enable efficient and flexible construction of testing scenarios. The targets provide realistic response for Radar, Lidar, Camera and IR-Systems, as well as allow testing under rough conditions. Advanced testing technologies, featured with live monitoring, auto-reporting, open interface and intuitive operation, enables precise and reliable data processing.

Digauto is the authorized dealer and technology service center of 4activeSystems in China.


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