Won Awards Multiple Times丨Shanghai Digauto won the "2023 China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Achievement Award"
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China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Achievement Conference

- CICVIAC2023 -




On June 19-20, 2023, the China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Achievement Conference (CICVIAC2023), co-sponsored by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of lndustry And Information Technology, Nanjing Qinhuai District People's Government, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and China Federation of Automobile Information, was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Representatives of government, industry, universities and research institutes from our own and abroad all concerned about the development of the intelligent connected automobile industry gathered together to discuss the technological development trends, opportunities and challenges of the intelligent connected automobile industry.

Award scene (Second from right is Li Xiaoying, General manager of Digauto)

In this conference, Li Xiaoying, general manager of our company Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend as an enterprise representative, and our product "Vehicle Traffic Environment Hardware in the Loop Test System (VTEHIL)" also won the "2023 China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Achievement Award" with its technological leadership and innovation.


2023 China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Achievement Award

In the current wave of intelligent attacks, the automobile product form, transportation mode, consumption structure and social operation mode are undergoing profound changes, providing unprecedented development opportunities for the intelligent connected automobile industry.The automotive industry is based on intelligent driving to carry out disruptive innovation, facing new changes and opportunities, Shanghai Digauto initiative to embrace the development of the industry, follow the rhythm of The Times, in advance layout of intelligent driving test market, launched the first comprehensive ADAS/ADS test lab, in the development stage of intelligent driving test market quickly occupy the opportunity.


Award scene


Our award-winning projects

The award-winning Vehicle Traffic Environment Hardware in the Loop Test System (VTEHIL) provides an efficient and reliable indoor test verification method for vehicle and vehicle sensors through physical simulation of the environment and traffic flow.

As an innovative solution developed specifically for the design, development and calibration of autonomous and assisted driving safety, VTEHIL not only accelerates the efficiency of Euro NCAP and C-NCAP scenario testing, but also provides flexibility to implement complex and dangerous scenarios with multiple traffic participants and elements.



In the future

At present, the VTEHIL test system has been commercialized in the School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University, a famous OEM and other customer groups, and has been recognized by more and more customers.

Kunshan Prototype Laboratory

Tsinghua University Autonomous Driving Safety Laboratory

Famous OEM Intelligent Driving Simulation Environment Test Laboratory


In the future, as the demand for scenario-based testing increases and VTEHIL integrated equipment and measurement technology becomes more mature, VTEHIL will further expand the market size to improve test efficiency and reduce test costs for enterprises, high efficiency, industry organizations and research projects.


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