Digauto attended the CAICV- SOTIF Working Group 2022 annual mission launch meeting and did technical sharing
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On the morning of March 25, 2022, the SOTIF Working Group of China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Inlleligent and Connected Vehicle (CAICV) held the 2022 annual mission launching meeting in the form of webniar. Li Jun academician, the director of Automotive engineering society of China, chairman of CAICV, SOTIF working group leader, Wang Changjun, director of the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Li Dan, president of China FaW Group Co., Ltd. and other leaders attended the meeting.At the same time, more than 200 experts from member units of the working group attended the meeting.

The meeting mainly consists of three agenda items :(1) task description of the 2022 working group;  (2) Introduction and release of 2021 Frontier Technology Report;  (3) SOTIF related testing technical report sharing.  

At the meeting, Academician Li Jun expressed his hopes for the three key tasks of the working Group this year:  

(1) SOTIF integrated "V" format development process;  

(2) Safety control in SOTIF;  

(3) SOTIF certification, and pointed out that the certification standard should run through the whole process of the Safety of the Intended Functionality.  

Agenda 1: Presentation of the mandate of the 2022 Working Group  

Wang Hong, executive deputy leader of the working group and associate researcher of Tsinghua University, first reviewed the implementation process and results of the 2021 task, then presented the task planning of the working group in 2022, introduced the decomposition and claims of six specific tasks in detail.  The six tasks include :(1) construction of SOTIF secnario database and data pool;  (2) SOTIF certification support;  (3) SOTIF integrated V format development process;  (4) Basic theory research of AI&SOTIF;  (5) SOTIF tool chain development;  (6) Special project of SOTIF standard.  Among them, Digauto will mainly participate in task 5 "support SOTIF hardware in the loop test tool chain" related tasks, and provide support to the domestic independent intellectual tool chain that support the automatic driving SOTIF forward development cycle.  

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Agenda 2: Introduction and release of the 2021 Frontier Technology Report  

Dr. Li Hong, from National Intelligent And Connected Vehicle Innovation Center, introduced the overall structure of “the Technical Research Report of SOTIF Working Group of CAICV”, and briefly described the research process and compilation results of each chapter, as shown in the figure.  

Agenda 3: Sharing of technical reports on SOTIF related testing technologies  

In the sharing session, Dr. Lu Jiming, CTO of Digauto, together with Dr. Zhou Bolin from China Automotive Data Co. , Ltd., Mr. Zhou Xiaoji from China Automotive Engineering Institute Co. , Ltd.  and Dr. Zhou Boya from China Automotive Test and Evaluation of CATARC, made presentations respectively.  Dr. Lu Jiming shared on the topic of ”The Development of Indoor Simulation Test Tool for the Safety of the Intended Functionality.”

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Finally, academician Li Jun summarized this meeting, advising that the working group should set up a special research group on ICV certification scheme as soon as possible , collaborate with industrial advantage resources, make use of industry experiences, give full play to the wisdom of multiple capabilities, explore the scheme of SOTIF certification of ICV, and provide technical and theoretical support for national ICV certification and admittance.

In 2022, Digauto will keep working as a core member and provide full support of equipments and test services to the SOTIF working group.  

(Source: China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Inlleligent and Connected Vehicle)

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