Chengdu! Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd. (Chengdu Office) officially launched
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Recently, The Chengdu Office of Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd. was officially launched. The office is located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu, and will become the new stronghold focusing on software and hardware research and development of test equipments. Following the launch of the Chengdu office, the R&D team formally formed a new mode of multi-point collaboration.


 Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd.(Chengdu office)

Digauto has been devoted in supporting the research, development, testing and verification of ICV and AD/ADAS technology with world-leading equipments, professional technology and sophisticated services. Therefore, the R&D department, as the creators in Digauto, provides hard power guarantee for Digauto scheme for intelligent vehicle safety.

Digauto focuses on the test evaluation of L3 and higher level ADAS/ADS solutions since establishment, we independently developed VTEHIL, a world-leading Vehicle Traffic Environment Hardware-In-The-Loop test system that involves traffic flow and environment under control, aiming at providing a test tool for future L3 approval certification and L3 and higher level AD safety performance testing with higher realiability and efficiency. The test tool has been developed to a TureKey solution including lab design and construction, test equipment and capability building and test service.


Vehicle, Traffic, Environment, Hardware-in-the-Loop system design and test evaluation center (Kunshan)

Facing the future of high-level automatic driving and intelligent driving, Digauto will continue to make efforts, and to provide professional test system solutions for intelligent vehicle safety with technical innovation and sophisticated service.

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