CAICV issued a Report on The Expected Functional Safety Analysis and Test Evaluation of Highway Cruise Function 
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Safety analysis and test evaluation of High Way Pilot (HWP)

Expected function safety analysis and test evaluation of High Way Pilot (HWP) Function is one of the special research tasks of China Intelligent And Connected Automobile Industry Innovation Alliance · Expected Function Safety Working Group. The working group was jointly established by jilin University, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., LTD., Dongfeng Motor Group Co., LTD., Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd and other 14 units. . Based on the research and practice of the special group in 2021, HWP task force officially released the "High Way Pilot (HWP) expected function safety Analysis and test evaluation study report".


Working group based on the scenario’s SOTIF development and test evaluation ideas , on the basis of domestic and foreign standards and best practices, put forward a relatively easy implementation and practice of highway cruise system SOTIF development and test evaluation process.


The report mainly summarizes the function definition and hazard analysis, typical scene selection and collection, quantitative evaluation system and test method of the highway cruise system, including five parts.  Through the function definition, the initial framework of HWP system and SOTIF typical hazard analysis are established, and the cut-in scene is defined in detail. Combining with the seven-layer scene model to identify scene elements, the basic scene and overlay scene elements are distinguished.  Use creative "based on the nature of aerial traffic data collection and extract typical driving scenario" method to achieve the efficient acquisition of data, typical driving scenario by multidimensional evaluation method to form scientific quantitative evaluation system, perfect phases SOTIF planning simulation, field, open the road of multi-pillar real vehicle test method. 

Explore the system performance boundary to build a real vehicle test method

Based on the rich experience of the member units in the field of autonomous driving evaluation, the working group formed methods such as "basic scenarios are the main, derivative scenarios are the auxiliary", and "the performance boundary of the system is preliminarily explored through large-scale simulation test, and then the field test cases of real vehicles are designed".  

In the research of performance boundary testing method, VTEHIL is proposed to test the performance boundary of the system under test, which is an effective supplement and innovative attempt of the tool chain of simulation-in-loop test and road test. 


VTEHIL, the vehicle traffic environment in the loop solution, is an indoor test and verification solution independently developed by Digauto for the research and development of key technologies of intelligent connected vehicles and test and verification. It provides an efficient, highly consistent and factor controllable indoor test environment for scenario-based vehicle performance test.  VTEHIL can realize test scenarios equivalent to closed test field and road test, and realize the construction of comprehensive scenarios more safely and conveniently. 


In the future, the working group will conduct further research on the safety test and evaluation of the expected function of the highway cruise system, and Digauto will continue to participate in and support the work of the working group. 

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