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November 8th afternoon, Wuzhen, the 2022 “Straight to Wuzhen” Global Internate Competition Final Project Exhibition, as The ICV Culture Park of Wuzhen Canal Opening Ceremony, was successfully held. As the operator, Zhejiang Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd has officially launched the new proving ground in Wuzhen.


Hong Jie, second-level inspector of Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, Zhang Lan, director of Economy and Information Technology Bureau of Jiaxing, Yuan Jie, Standing Committee member of Tongxiang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor and secretary of Wuzhen Party Committee, Pan Minfang, deputy director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress, Xu Gang and Shi Ruyu, deputy mayors of Tongxiang, Feng Jinshan, deputy director of Automotive Intelligent and Future Mobility Research Center of China Society of Automotive Engineering and other experts of auto industry attended and unveiled the venue.


After the opening ceremony, industry experts, government and enterprise representatives participated in a closed-door Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Dialogue, in which Academician Li Jun spoken on video.

 Project Introduction 


Tongxiang Wuzhen is one of the first National ICV (Connect Vehicle) Test Demonstration Areas licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, while the intelligent vehicle industry is one of the core important development directions of the "Three Intelligent One Network" industry that Tongxiang is striving to build. Starting from the planning stage, the Park has fully integrated the function of Canal culture park and development needs of ICV industry, as a result, it is constructed as a multi-functional comprehensive cultural park and professional intelligent vehicle safety performance proving ground that integrates canal culture protection and propaganda, intelligent industry research and development, ecological conservation, study and education, leisure and recreation.


The ICV Culture Park of Wuzhen Canal is located on the north bank of Wuzhen section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with roads and scenarios focusing on intelligent driving planned inside, the total test road length is about 5 km, and it is operated by Zhejiang Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. The official opening of the Park not only provides high-quality resources for the R&D and testing verification for ICV product market entry in the Yangtze River Delta region, but also provides strong support to the National ICV (Tongxiang Wuzhen) Test Demonstration Area to orderly promote the pilot of full-area road access for automated driving and large-scale commercial application of people and cargo carrying services.



The test roads and scenarios supervised by Digauto can cover the test and verification needs of high-level ADAS required by the existing domestic and international major standards and specifications, the ICV functional tests required by national ministries and commissions and other automated driving functions, performance and reliability test verification. And it also has the potential for further extension of future regulatory test scenarios and custom scenarios.

As an important transportation channel in ancient China, the Grand Canal has played a huge role in the development and exchange of economy and culture between the north and south regions of China. With the theme of "Carrying the ancient and modern, driving for the future", the opening ceremony carries the culture of the thousand-year canal and shows the development in ICV industry of Tongxiang and Wuzhen.

Mr. Hong Jie, second-level inspector of Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, Mr. Zhang Lan, director of Economy and Information Technology Bureau of Jiaxing, Mr. Yuan Jie, Standing Committee member of Tongxiang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor and secretary of Wuzhen Party Committee, Mr. Feng Jinshan, deputy director of Automotive Intelligent and Future Mobility Research Center of China Society of Automotive Engineering, Ms. Pan Minfang, deputy director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress, Ms. Shi Ruyu, deputy Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government, Mr. Riccardo Barbaro, General Manager of China Area of Italy CSI Company, and Ms. Li Xiaoying, General Manager of Zhejiang Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled the venue together.


As the representative of the operation company, Ms. Li Xiaoying introduced the layout of the proving ground to the audience.


Using the test equipment from 4activeSystems and GeneSys, the engineering team of Digauto demonstrated the procedure of field tests and three corner case scenarios together with LEAPMOTOR and DONGFENG-Citroen.


The World Internet Conference ICV featured exhibition co-organized by Digauto gathered companies include FAW Jiefang, Zhito Technology, LEAPMOTOR, DONGFENG-Citroen, NETA, Go Further. AI, JuSheng Technology, ECAR Tech, Jiyu Technology, Freetech, Fuyun, Daide Touring Car  etc., and displayed a variety of products and solutions including high-end intelligent trucks, passenger cars, automated driving logistics and security patrol mobility.

ICV Product Exhibition
Automated Driving & Autonomous Driving
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After the opening ceremony, the participating industry experts, enterprises and government representatives had a closed-door dialogue, key issues such as ICV market entry and pilot notification are discussed, and Academician Li Jun was invited for a video speech.


The session of 2022 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit coincided with the release of the notice of ICV market entry and road access pilot zone, thus the opening of the ICV Culture Park of Wuzhen Canal was timely and appropriate. It is also the best birthday greeting for the fifth anniversary of Digauto.

2022.11.9 5th Anniversary of Digauto

Carrying the ancient and modern   

Driving for the future

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